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You might call it

World's Best White Cheese

Hello! Nice to meet you

We are an independent company, based in the area of Nafpaktos, Aetolia in Greece producing and exporting dairy goods of premium quality and exquisite taste.

the story

We are a company but first, we’re family. Born in Nafpaktos, Aetolia, we were raised and nurtured with traditionally made dairy goods, produced by local farmers. So, we’ve grown to appreciate the quality, the flavours as well as the health benefits of feta cheese and other local dairy delicacies.

this is how it all happened

Later in life, we travelled around and we came to taste feta cheese of different areas & production methods and we were always like “No-no, this is not how we do it back home. Our feta cheese is pure with a strong taste and aroma. It’s the real thing”. So, we decided to make our own feta cheese, the actual feta cheese, the actual white.

the mission

Our goal is simple: We want the whole world to enjoy what we have enjoyed, the excellence that our farm in Nafpaktos, Aetolia has to offer. The flavour, the quality,the health benefits, the aroma, the style. So, we’re here to share. To pass our gem, Lepanto Feta P.D.O. What you might call “world’s best white cheese”!

The actual white products

Zero colorants, zero preservatives, 100% pure, our products are the real traditional Greek dairies, the actual white!

     Protected Designation of Origin
     485 gr net weight / 200 gr drained
     weight 245 gr net weight / 100 gr drained weight

Why White?

We use absolutely no colorants! Lepanto Feta P.D.O. is made strictly of goat & sheep milk, so no need to technically affect Lepanto Feta P.D.O.’s colour. Au contraire, all the other, cow’s- milk cheeses do add colorants to look white. Our, Lepanto Feta P.D.O.’s white colour is 100% natural. It’s the actual white!

Why this flavor?

Because our sheep and goats live a natural life, totally free in Nafpaktos Aetolia, far from noise, pollution and fear. They are nurtured with what the land has to offer in a place where the rivers, the sea, the hills and the fields meet in a peaceful and harmonic way. Because this harmony they live in, beautifully affects their milk by giving it a unique flavour, not to be found in any other place of this world. Because our goats & sheep produce milk on their own time and their own way, no production units, no technical methods. Because right after milk delivery, we get down to our cheese production to create Lepanto Feta P.D.O. in only 48 hours. Because, this way, we “capture” all the milk’s health benefits and of course, its unique flavour. Because we add no preservatives and we offer you the actual pure white feta cheese.

Why the glass container?

Because we care about the environment and because we care about your health & quality of diet. Glass is an eco-friendly material and more importantly it does not effect neither the nutritive values nor the flavour of the product. Furthermore, the glass container is a nice hip dinner wear and it’s easy to be put in a microwave oven, in case you want to impress your friends by cooking Greek Saganaki. Its’ cap makes it safe to be carried to the office, to the park, to the country side while it seals your Lepanto Feta P.D.O. in the right temperature.

Why the brine?

We leave our feta’s natural brine inside the glass container because it keeps our actual white cheese fresh, with all its health benefits and flavour intact for one whole year before opening and for 21 days once opened! And because after all, it’s the old good, traditional way to save feta, keeping away modified atmospheres and nitrogen gases.

why in cubes?

A. Because it’s beautiful and B. Because it’s easy to eat in one bite as well as to serve over a salad or in an hors d’ oeuvre plate.

why the sleeve?

Because the sleeve is of an easy-to-recycle material and as we said, we care about the environment, a lot. Furthermore, it’s easy to be removed when putting the glass container in a microwave oven or when served on the dinner table.

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